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Features:-Ilaflon ® Resist K2 TM Black

Coating of articles made of metal, where extremely high abrasion resistance with good chemical resistance is needed. Ilaflon ® K2 was developed specifically for the military sector and for the computer industry

The coating has strong abrasion resistance in case of thin - as well as thick layers, which can not be achieved with conventional systems or powder coating.
Thanks to the excellent adhesion subsequent treatments of the lacquered objects, such as drilling, milling, turning, polishing is not a problem.

The material has excellent chemical resistance, excellent weather resistance and excellent salt spray constancy according to DIN 50021 Painted parts of weapons must not be oiled and preserved. Corrosion because of hand perspiration or weather conditions are a thing of the past.

Benefits of Ilaflon ®:

  • black mat, to slightly satin shiny colour on all surfaces
  • excellent protection against corrosion
  • no subsequent oiling of the painted parts required.
  • Highly resistant against water, hand perspiration, acetone, diesel and gasoline.
  • High flexibility, (deep drawing characteristic)
  • Temperatures up to -40 ° C can not damage the coating.
  • Very good sliding properties.
  • Velvety warm handle feeling
  • No rust penetration or blistering in the salt spray test
    after 250 h.
  • Only a slight decrease in brightness in the Xenon test
    after 1000 h.
  • After two years of outdoor exposure no rusting or blistering

Preparation for coating of Repeater / Barrel brazed
The weapon only needs to be completely dismantled and demounted. Pack well and get it to the mail service.
Other preparations such as degreasing and sand blasting are carried out exclusively by us. Mounted base plates, sights (brazed too) or front sight bases need not to be disassembled. Even the coating of screws, rings or sling swivel is possible. Screwed systems do not have to be dismantled. The weapon will be coated only on the outside. Chamber, muzzle, or areas relevant to the functioning of the weapon are covered.
The burning temperature amounts to 180 ° C. Aluminium, cast iron or steel can therefore be easily be processed.

Barrel brazed
Brazed barrel can be coated with Ilaflon ® too. In this case Ilaflon ® K2 DD is used. This coating is fired at a temperature of only 133 degrees. Thus, a gentle treatment is guaranteed and the soft solder is not impaired.


  •  degreased with a mild solvent without addition of water.
  •  boiling of fat from threads or axle drillings at max. 100 ° C
  • covering of mouth and locking.
  • surface blasting with max. 3 bar.
  • Cleaning of the surface and painting.
  • burning at 133 ° C.

We would like to inform you that you have to contact us via the respective dealers (gunsmith).
Here you will be informed about the prices.

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